About Little Lotus Yoga

At Little Lotus Yoga, our mission is to provide a peaceful, supportive space to foster a developing and advancing yoga practice for the community.

We offer quality, inspired yoga led by highly skilled, knowledgeable and passionate teachers in a friendly community environment, to ensure the health and well-being for all.

Beliefs we hold dear to our hearts and try to model and live daily: Community, Love, Connection, Diversity, and Fun.

Our Business

Theresa has owned and operated Little Lotus Yoga since 2009. She has taught yoga in a variety of locations around Cheyenne until she found her hOMe in Downtown Cheyenne and ended her nomadic journey. When Theresa first started the business it was geared more towards kids and families, that quickly evolved into elderly, active, and beginners. The business continues to evolve to encompass advancing yogis, special events to include ArOMaYoga, Partner Yoga, AcroYoga, Pranayama, Live Music performances and special guests for meditation and trance dance. Theresa has a vision of spreading the love of yoga throughout the community and plans to continue to evolve.

Things to know about attending yoga class

If you are new to yoga or a practiced yogi, we have what you have been longing for. We offer classes for children, beginners, families, and the practiced yogi. Each class and instructor is unique, however, there is a certain yoga protocol to be followed for all yoga classes.

You will be greeted with a smile, asked to sign the appropriate in take forms and liability waiver. Then you will be informed of your options for attending class, drop in rates, punch cards, etc.

1. We recommend that you arrive 10-15 minutes early to register, kick your shoes off, use the facilities and settle into your space on your mat, so as not to feel rushed and to have ample time to meet those who will be sharing in your experience.

2. Once checked in enter the studio without shoes ( you can carry them to the changing room in the back, this is where we encourage you to store your personal belongings such as purses and coats) set up your mat, collect any props (blanket, block or strap) and feel free to chat with those around you.

3. We strive to honor the container of YOUR time and will make every effort to start and end classes on time.

4. Most teachers begin with a centering, an opportunity for you to tune into yourself and connect to your breath.

5. Your teacher will give you general instructions about a pose, and they may also give you individual instructions on how to enhance your practice. They may even physically adjust your body while you are in a pose, to help you feel what the proper alignment would feel like. Each class will end with a brief period of relaxation or meditation.

6. In many cases you may experience muscle soreness or light fatigue after class. We encourage you to drink plenty of water after each class and honor what your body has allowed you to accomplish.


Over the past 2 years I've found yoga at Little Lotus to be an essential part of my week. I've always thought of yoga as just stretching but have come to find it incorporates strength, balance/stability, endurance, and even spirituality. I've even learned some things about breathing and stress reduction! As a physical therapist, I've learned some awesome cues from the yogi's I use with my patients and great stretches/balance activities I will try to progress them to that I didn't get in PT school. Laura and Theresa are awesome instructors and will meet you where you're at in a very relaxed setting but they will give you a kick of encouragement to push yourself! I highly recommend this studio!
I have practiced on and off for years, with large gaps in between and in different states. And, I have practiced on my own using books and video tapes and DvDs. What I know about Little Lotus is that when I practice with Theresa and all the instructors, I come to a place that is safe for my heart, nourishing to my soul, and strengthening to my body. And, although being present in your yoga practice brings you to these benefits naturally, your practice space becomes a place of comfort where you come together with people of like-minded intentions or goals. My practice at LIttle Lotus has brought me a sense of peace, strength, and joy in understanding my body and my energy more. It has brought my husband and I the gift of a common activity and new friendships.
Little Lotus Yoga Studio provides Cheyenne with a welcoming yoga community. The studio, and its inclusive group of instructors, encourages togetherness by offering a wide variety of classes suitable for all levels, free yoga in the park during the summer, and fun, family-friendly monthly events. Little Lotus is also a proud supporter of local businesses. I am sincerely proud to be a member of this studio.
- Laura Collebresco
What initially brought my friend and I to the studio was the name, we needed some de-stressing in our lives and yoga was the first decision we made then a google search showed us Little Lotus Yoga at Exhale studio. It was fate! The first class was Slow and Low and we were so relaxed and rejuvenated we stayed for the next one. I am hooked! I love all the instructors that I have had classes with, they know what they are doing and all of them have this mellowing demeanor, even when your in BUTI and sweating your BOOTY off. Great job Theresa! You rock! Plus the mat cleaner does smell really good!
- Madeline Bonitabus
I had been encouraged to try yoga for months but didn't because I was scared! I had never been to a class or watched a video so I didn't know what to expect and didn't want to be judged for my lack of experience. I attended a special meditation class and met Theresa and she made me rethink yoga because she was so understanding and had a real passion for it. Since I have started, all the instructors at Little Lotus have been just as amazing as Theresa. The whole experience has been truly amazing!
-Jennifer McClelland
The instructors at Little Lotus have created a comfortable space in which to practice, and their heartfelt practices honor - even celebrate - the minds, bodies, and breath of all yogis, no matter where they are in their practices. I am grateful to Theresa and her colleagues for cultivating a yoga community in Cheyenne.
- Jill Lovato
Little Lotus Yoga will easily go down as the best thing I found in 2014.
I have struggled all my life with feeling adequate and strong. Yoga has given be both. I never have to worry about looking ridiculous, or if I am fit enough to be there. For an hour it is a battle between me and my mat, and I usually leave feeling stronger than when I walked in.
The greatest part has been how LLY has served me throughout my pregnancy. I have never been told to miss a class or sit out, all the instructors have done everything they can to include me and adapt a practice to meet my growing belly needs. I have been able to participate in Yoga throughout my entire pregnancy and hope to be able to until I deliver.
I have always been told that wellness is about loving yourself and investing in yourself, but have never been able to find that until I started practicing regularly at LLY. The people at LLY live these principles, model these principles, and teach them to you as you travel through your own yoga journey.
My greatest fitness regret now is how much time and money I spent at a regular gym. LLY is everything I have been longing for.

- Lindsay Simineo
My experience at Little Lotus Yoga has been nothing but positive. Everyone on staff at Little Lotus is friendly and knowledgeable. There is a strong presence of community and acceptance moment you walk in the door. Theresa’s classes are well narrated, challenging and full of variety. Her meditation messages at the beginning and end of class enhance my practice and inspire me to continue reflecting within. The experience consistently leave me rejuvenated and at peace.
- Kristen Cooper
I started my yoga practice with Theresa in 2010 after a back injury. Theresa's gentle guidance and supervision as I learned my poses, made me feel comfortable and connected to my practice. I quickly learned that yoga is not about posing perfectly like pictures seen in magazines, it's breath and allowing your body to do what it's capable of, no matter what that may look like. Over time, I could feel and see my progress as I got stronger. I had another major health setback in 2012, and I have now started to come back to my practice as part of my continual physical rehabilitation. It's exciting to see LLY grow from one instructor to several, all of whom are caring, competent, and make the practice space comfortable and welcoming. Thank you, Theresa, Allison, Caiti, and Sarah, all of whom I've taken classes with!
- Anonymous